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Daemonlogger and Ubuntu Hardy

I am posting this, as a reminder to myself (And others), of how to compile Martin Roeschs daemonlogger on Ubuntu. Each time I download daemonlogger on to a new system (As I did yesterday with the new daemonlogger 1.2.0) and tries to compile it, I end up spending time finding out where Ubuntu hides the dnet.h file. The fix is simple, though installing libdnet-dev like you would assume, does not give you what you need. Ubuntu uses the DECnet libraries, and the correct package for compiling daemonlogger (And also snort if I remember right) is libdumbnet-dev. But daemonlogger looks for dnet.h (/usr/include/dnet.h) which is the same file as /usr/include/dumbnet.h. So all you have to do then, is to make a symlink from dnet.h to dumbnet.h.

# aptitude install libdumbnet-dev
# ln -s /usr/include/dumbnet.h /usr/include/dnet.h

Happy Daemon-pcap-logging!


4 thoughts on “Daemonlogger and Ubuntu Hardy

  1. Dude!
    Im not sure what you are getting at…
    The sguil-client that I have out now, is the latest from cvs.
    If you are looking for an older version of sguil-client, I might
    have that too. 🙂
    A locate on my laptop shows me :
    I dont find any 0.7.0-2 on my test servers.
    I might have it on some other system. Do you want me to mail you on your Gmail if I find it?


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