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Know you wireless neighbors…

I always seems to end up, at after some time, with a rather strange working wireless connection. A quick iwlist shows that I have 30 wireless neighbors within my range today…

# iwlist wlan0 scan|grep Channel:|wc -l

To take another quick look at what channels they are using, to get an idea on what channels to stay away from:

# iwlist wlan0 scan|grep Channel:| sort | uniq -c |sort -g
1 Channel:10
1 Channel:12
1 Channel:13
1 Channel:2
1 Channel:5
1 Channel:7
2 Channel:9
2 Channel:3
4 Channel:8
4 Channel:6
5 Channel:1
6 Channel:11

I see that today, Channel:4 is not in the air at all, and switches from Channel:1 and my life is back to normal.

So, again, know you wireless neighbors… you might feel a difference!


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