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Evolve the little h4ck3r in you…

People hack.. for phun and profit…

For those who do it for profit, well, this is not for you 😛

There are several places on the Internet that you can h4ck on, legally… You don’t have to become a BlackHat hacker 🙂

I used to play Uplink, but it I seem to have some issues on my x86_64 bit linux system, so I have not played for a while. (Great h4x0r game btw).

When I was studding back in 2000-2002, I did try out some of the Free Hacking sites that was back then. Things where very basic back then, and mostly I remember 2-4 levels on each competition. I remember mostly doing the web site based hacking.

Back then, I was not that impressed over that type of sites, but it was some phun.

Me and some of my friends (from 2000 to 2002) got together on weekends, setting up a linux box, and trying to hack it. Both locally and remote. That was phun, but mostly script kiddie stuff at that time for Buffer Overflows and such.

Last week i did another search for such sites, and I must say I was impressed. I tried out two different sites, and they all gave me good exercises. One was about web hacking, and the other one about OS hacking. I must say that I’m rather exited, and I believe I will put some good hours into it on my spare time 🙂

I would recommend that you start out at

The two sites I h4x0r3d on:

Hope you like it, and happy hacking!


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