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Microsoft don’t get Free Software, Linux and Security – Again.

Yesterday, wrote an article on the Police/Conficker/Free software debate going on here in Norway.

Information director Eirik Lae Solberg at Microsoft Norway had a chance to comment:
“- If one had used a similar Linux distribution from the same time, one would have significant security issues.”

That is only true, if one did not upgrade! And in the GNU/Linux/Free Software world, one would not have any unmanageable issues upgrading.

I have personally managed lots of servers for large customers and universities, and when a new distribution release has been out,
take Debian as a very good example, you can change the source of packages from the current repository, to the new release repository.
And with some rather simple command line-fu, you can upgrade to the latest major Debian version.

Ubuntu has made this easy for the desktop users. Using a graphical front-end on your server (I dont), you can click your way to
a distribution upgrade.

I still recommend having people in the loop that has done such an upgrade, before you try this on your own. Always keep a
working backup, and you could even try the upgrade in a virtual machine, before you actually do it in production.

Eirik Lae Solberg even goes so far to claim that shows that Linux is more `hacked` than Windows… Using as a reliable source for such “scientific” statement, is just what Microsoft is known of doing. Well, just to let you all know, if you bother to check by your self, this is what you might find today:

$ GET|grep “<td>Linux”|wc -l
$ GET|grep “<td>Win”|wc -l

As you see: Todays score is 5 boxes are Linux, and 7 are Windows.

I wrote a quick bash script (get it here)to check the first 30 pages and print out the total sum:

$ bash bin/
Total Linux: 289
Total Microsoft: 390

To summarize: On the last 30 pages from Zone-H, 289 websites running Linux OS got defaced, while 390 websites running on Windows OS got defaced.
(If you run the script yourself, the numbers will probably change – this was numbers from today)

So giving you the hard facts, and not marketing propaganda like Eirik Lae Solberg from Microsoft wants you to believe, make up your own mind, and don’t believe what ever you hear from Mister Microsoft…

BTW: Zone-H is not a good reference for measuring security in Operating Systems, if you didn’t know that… But it is a good way to point out that Eirik Lae Solberg don’t know much about Operating System security, and that he would rather focus on telling that Microsoft is way better than every body else…
For how long will you eat that lie?


2 thoughts on “Microsoft don’t get Free Software, Linux and Security – Again.

  1. I am not going to sit here and defend Eirik Lae Solberg, but what he says is true. Windows NT 4.0 is old and has lots of security issues, and the same would have been the case for a Linux distro if they wouldn’t have updated that.

    So the conclusion is, updating software is a big security enhancement.


  2. The problem is more that updating from one Windows version to another, is not like dist-upgrading a Debian installation.

    If you have home made programs that you need to change to get them to work after an upgrade, this is likely the task that needs attention.

    But you can download Debian for free, test the upgrade, see if your own/3. parties program work, or if not, start fixing them, then do the upgrade in production when needed.

    Some proprietary 3. parties software, you may need a new $costly license, or loose support etc. if the Windows version is not supported.
    The free software model is very different, and I have never seen such upgrading problems…



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