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The Norwegian Police new website…

Yesterday (Monday 31. of August 2009) the Norwegian police department presented their new and more user friendly website.

It has been a big joke on the Internet today, and it seems like the developers has done lots of classic mistakes…

I wont go into details, but here are some friendly URLS:
The cops used 28Mil NOK (about ~3 Mil Euros) on the new site
Cops Suck!

Oracle-Application-Server-10g/ Oracle-HTTP-Server Server at Port 7777

Update 1. September 21:30:
The police has taken down the links that I posted, do they no longer work.
(and I didnt make screenshots :/)


One thought on “The Norwegian Police new website…

  1. Jørn Odberg says:

    Haha. F-A-I-L-U-R-E !!

    They have managed to spend about 26 million NOK (about 4,25 million USD) on this. And then the launched site contains old, simple and basic-knowledge vulnerabilities?!

    I, who is NOT a web developer at all, could have done a better job myself in under a year. And I would have been _A LOT_ cheaper also. This is ridiculous!


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