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DUAL NAS SATA (10/100) with Debian Etch

For 898,- NOK (right around £100) down at Clas Ohlson here in Norway, you get a nice little NAS server (AID 38-2447). Straight out of the box, its a low-end NAS, but I bought this, in spirit of installing a full blown Linux distro on to it. And so I did.


It took me about 30 minutes from I started to read the howtos, downloading and preparing the image to the hard drive and flashing the initrd of the Dual NAS, until it was up and running.

My notes:
* When you connect to the telnet boot menu, ping the NAS in one console, and when it starts answering, you have about one second to connect to it via telnet in another console.

* It needs a DHCP server to obtain an IP address after Debian is booted…

* The Debian Etch image from Felix Mellmann is rather old…(21. Nov. 2007) so you need to upgrade it (contains weak ssh keys etc.)

* It seems that it will not work with Debian Lenny (Complaining about old kernel)

If anyone has any insight into how to compile and install a newer working kernel for this hardware, I would be interested 🙂
Also the link to the original source of the kernel which comes default with this NAS would be great (I saw it yesterday, but I cant seem to find it again).

Mean while, I fully recommend this buy for a small cheap home server.


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