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multicap – multi interface networkstream dump daemon

Two weeks ago, I was made aware of a new tool to do packet captures with that looks promising. The initial commit seems to be from 2010-10-27 from the looks of the git repo found here.

To test it,
git clone git://
cd multicap
autoreconf -i
sudo ./multicap -w /tmp/ -c $PWD/multicap.conf.dist

You will find your pcaps under /tmp/var/log/multicap/.

I specially like the possibilities with this tool, that I can read/interpret from the config file. You can do “multi-sniffing”, writing to different logfiles filtered on BPF, specify different interfaces, snaplength, log rotation… Take a look at the configfile to see what I mean.
This is a tool to keep an eye on!
The project is young it seems, as passing –help option to multicap does not say anything…
Looking at the code, I know why 🙂

// show_version(NULL);


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