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pdns-ui – by Philipp Hunold

A great thing about open source software, is that you can make something that works for you, and someone else might add stuff that works for them, and combined, you might have something all in all more powerful…

pdns.ui – A Minimalistic WebUI for PassiveDNS

phunold (Philipp Hunold) has made a webgui for my PassiveDNS 🙂 I cloned it on git and have it up and running here at home. I’m not a webcoder, so seeing that someone made a GUI for my PassiveDNS makes me happy! (As I would have spent too much time on doing it than it would be worth). I’ve emailed with Philipp and I know that pdns-ui is in an early stage, but I would like to let other people know about the UI so that they can use it instead of making their own and maybe come with suggestions on how to improve it, come with patches etc.

Right click and view to show pdns-ui in bigger picture

So for people who wants a web-frontend to their PassiveDNS DB, try it out and give the feedback to Philipp!

Big thanks Philipp 🙂


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