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nftracker – The Network File Tracker…

To fulfill my dream of automatic carving of files from network traffic, I wrote nftracker. The software is not 100% done, but well enough to deserve a blog post and to get a wider audience for testing! Some more file signatures could be added, especially for “Content-Type: ” in http or smtp traffic.

( I know I could have done something similar just writing snort/suricata rules. I could even write a snort preprocessor.. But hey! )

I also want to graph info from nftracker, such as how many files of type X traverse my network today, last week, month, year, etc..

A common first question from people is: Does it also carve out the files?
Answer: No

At this point, I just want to know whats on the wire. It would be cool to also carve out the file and dump it to disk (patches are welcome 😛 ), but for now I use other tools to do this. First of all, I use OpenFPC to do full packet capture. Mostly I have been using tcpxtract and I have also tested I see it as a bigger task to take on TCP reassembly and carving out the file correct, especially when I already have the pcap of the session, I can handle that offline. I also recommend xplico btw.

Default, nftracker logs to /var/log/nftracker-csv.log. The logfile looks like this:

# timestamp,[ session ],FILE_TYPE
# timestamp,proto,src_ip,src_port,dst_ip,dst_port,FILE_TYPE


I hope the tool is useful for someone, ideas/comments and such can be mailed to me.
I hope you try it out!